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New strategies for diagnostics of conservation treatments

donderdag 7 februari 2019 - 09:00 tot vrijdag 8 februari 2019 - 14:00 | Lutherse kerk, Spui 411, Amsterdam
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OCT measurements during cleaning.

The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands organises an international two-day conference on new diagnostic strategies for assessing the cleaning in conservation treatments. This conference will be held on the 7th and 8th of February 2019, in the centre of Amsterdam.

The conference is the result of IPERION CH activities in the work-package 7, investigating diagnostics of cleaning of paintings, the coating of metal and the consolidation of stone. Several case studies, techniques and general strategies will be presented.  

The conference is held under the auspices of, and sponsored by, IPERION CH and is open to everybody working or studying in the field of conservation, restoration, science and conservation science. The conference is free of charge, but you will need to register using the link below that will guide you to the website of The Cultural Heritage Agency. In case you are unable to attend after registration, please let us know, preferably one week in advance, so we can pass on your ticket to people on the waiting list.

For more information, contact Melissa Daugherty.

The congres is fully booked. You can still register, but your name will be put on a waiting list. You will be notified if your registration will be accepted. Put my name on the waitinglist.


February 7, 2019, Aula, University of Amsterdam, Singel 411, Amsterdam

09:00 Registration and coffee

10:00 Maarten van Bommel, Welcome and general introduction


  • Klaas-Jan van den Berg, Research approach to monitor the removal of varnishes and over-paints.
  • Monica Galeotti, Research approach to monitor the application of coatings on metal objects.
  • Jadwiga Łukaszewicz, Research approach to monitor the consolidation methods of stone.

11:20 Discussion

11:45 Poster pitches (see list of posters)

12:30 Lunch (provided by IPERION) and poster presentation

14:00 Parallel sessions: cleaning of paintings, coatings of metals and consolidation of stone.

  • 14.00 Parallel session 1: Cleaning of paintings

14:00 Evdoxia Dimitroulaki, Olga Kokkinaki, Kristalia Melessanaki, Paraskevi Pouli, Monitoring Laser-Assisted removal of aged varnish layers from paintings with Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy (LIBS).

14:30 Raffaella Fontana, Monitoring of the painting surface morphological and stratigraphic changes by microprofilometry and OCT measurements.

15:00 Christian Rehorn & Silvia Prati, Evaluation of microscopic and macroscopic changes of paintings caused by cleaning treatments by means of the integrated use of solid phase micro extractions and Nuclear Magnetic Relaxometry.

15:30 Laura Cartechini, Detection of cleaning system residues on polychrome surfaces by reflection FT-IR.

16:00 Magdalena Iwanicka, Step-by-step monitoring of gradual varnish removal from easel paintings by combined use of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Reflection FTIR spectroscopy.

16:30 Melissa Daugherty & Klaas-Jan van den Berg, Synthesis and integration of the results.

  • 14.00 Parallel session 2: Coatings of metals

14:00 Emilio Cano, Assessment of protective properties of metal coatings by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS).

14:30 Barbara Salvadori, Non-invasive reflection FTIR on metals for assessing and monitoring coatings.

15:00 Giorgios Karagiannis, Ultrasound (Acoustic) μTomography applied to metallic objects coatings evaluation.

15.30 Ineke Joosten, Assessment of protective properties of coatings on iron.

16:00 Raffaella Fontana, Application of OCT to monitor the coatings of metals.

16:30 Monica Galeotti, Protective coatings on metal artworks: a multi-technique approach to the characterization of key parameters for performance assessment.

  • 14.00 Parallel session 3: Consolidation of stone

14:00 Jadwiga Łukaszewicz, IR thermal analysis to monitor stone consolidation.

14:30 Dória Costa, Susanna Bracci, Donata Magrini, Comparative results of micro-drilling technique used to evaluate consolidation action on limestone and sandstone.

15:00 Laura Normand, Perspectives of THz method for the determination of the depth of penetration of consolidating products.

15:30 Markus Kueppers, NMR-Relaxometry and depth profiling for the analysis of historic mortars and hydrophobic coating in masonry.

16:00 Jadwiga Łukaszewicz, Synthesis and integration of the results.

17:00 Drinks

February 8, 2019, University of Amsterdam, Oudemanhuispoort 4-6, room D1.09

08:30 Coffee

09:00 Coating of metal plenary session

  • Monica Galeotti, summary of the parallel session.
  • Stefania Agnoletti, Case study:  Facing a huge conservation project: the three bronze doors of the Baptistery of Florence.
  • Tonny Beentjes, future perspectives in metal conservation.

10:00 Consolidation of stone session

  • Jadwiga Łukaszewicz, summary of the parallel session.
  • Andreas Furche, Case study:  Surface analyses and cleaning of blackened Italian marble sculptures burnt during the Second World War from the collection of the Bode-Museum in Berlin.
  • David Giovannacci, Multi scale water distribution : the challenge of  non-destructive tools

11:00 Cleaning of paintings session

  • Klaas-Jan van den Berg, summary of the parallel session.
  • Bronwyn Ormsby, Case study, The conservation of modern and contemporary art: collaborative cleaning research – methodologies, materials and progress.
  • Aviva Burnstock, future perspectives

12:00 Concluding remarks and closure

Posters (presented on February 7)

  • Laura Cartechini, Reflection FTIR spectroscopy as versatile tool for  non-invasive monitoring of cleaning treatments of painting surfaces. 
  • Dória Costa, Susanna Bracci, Donata Magrini, The micro-drilling technique used to evaluate consolidation action- some examples in detail.
  • Melisa Daugherty, The application of HIROX microscopy and RTI for the characterization of the paint surface.
  • Róbert Huszánk, Attila Csík, Anikó Angyal, Ákos Csepregi , Micro-profilometric and RBS analysis of coatings for metals. 
  • Emilio Cano, Blanca Ramírez Barat, Non-destructive assessment of protective coatings for heritage metals by means of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS).
  • Raffaella Fontana & Giancarlo Lanterna, Optical techniques and SEM-EDS for shape measurements and stratigraphy to monitor the cleaning of paintings. 
  • Magdalena Iwanicka, Marcin Sylwestrzak & Piotr Targowski, Optical Coherence Tomography.
  • Róbert Huszánk, Attila Csík, Anikó Angyal, Ákos Csepregi, Micro-profilometric and RBS analysis of coatings for metals.
  • Barbara Salvadori , Andrea Cagnini & Simone Porcinai, Reflectance FTIR on metal surfaces.
  • Aurélia Azéma & Annick Texier, Drop tests : contributions and limits for diagnostics of conservation treatment on metal.